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We have an expert team specialized in investment products of high quality, backed by more than 60 years of experience.

  • Open architecture

    We carefully select the most appropriate funds for your portfolio by using our best investment judgment and by analysing all types of fund managers from a fully independent perspective.

  • Boutique funds

    Our fund offering is exclusive. We offer a variety of outstanding funds with an excellent standard of management.

  • Tailored proposals

    Merkaat service is an investment advice service tailored to suit your profile and your individual requirements. If your situation changes, we will provide you with a proposed portfolio that meets your new investment objectives.


A tailored portfolio

Perfil Defensive
  • Perfil Defensive
  • Perfil Conservative
  • Perfil Moderate
  • Perfil Balanced
  • Perfil Dynamic
  • Defensive

    Perfil Defensive

    Santiago, 65 years old

    I want to preserve my invested capital and not lose my life’s savings. I don’t want to take any unnecessary risks as market volatility makes me feel uncomfortable. If my investment were to go down by 10%, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

  • Conservative

    Perfil Conservative

    Helena, 55 years old

    I want to preserve my invested capital in the long term but I am prepared to invest a small percentage in products that carry a higher risk without putting my overall assets in jeopardy — that way I know that a large portion of my savings is protected from sharp falls in the market.

  • Moderate

    Perfil Moderate

    Jorge, 50 years old

    I want to preserve my invested capital in the long term but I am prepared to invest a moderate percentage in products that carry a higher risk. In this way I am assured that less than half of my portfolio is exposed to market volatility.

  • Balanced

    Perfil Balanced

    Sergio, 40 years old

    Although I want to have some peace of mind, I am prepared to expose half of my portfolio to higher returns but also higher volatility. I feel it’s time to increase my wealth and I am prepared to take the risk that this implies.

  • Dynamic

    Perfil Dynamic

    Paula, 36 years old

    My main objective is to grow my wealth and I accept that this means taking more risk. I am not worried about periods of high volatility as I believe I will earn more attractive returns in the long term.

Do you know what your investment profile is?

Know your investment profile by registering for our Merkaat service

The returns shown for each investment profile are calculated by weighting the returns that the portfolio would have delivered over the reference period applicable to each investment profile (taking as a reference an index that replicates the historical behaviour of the various assets that make up the portfolio of each investment profile). Past returns or performance are not a guarantee of future returns or performance. The returns shown may be subject to fees, taxes or charges that may affect every customer differently. The investment profiles of the portfolios should not under any circumstances be deemed suitable for the individual circumstances of a given customer.

How does it work?

How we are going to advise you


    If you are a Crèdit Andorrà customer, log in to your e-Crèdit online banking account using your log-in details.


    To provide you with tailored investment proposals, we will first identify your investment profile and preferences through a simple questionnaire.


    Before registering for the service, you can view a sample investment proposal based on your individual profile and preferences.


    You can sign up for the service online and open a new Merkaat account instantly.


    You can start using our Merkaat service by paying funds into your new account.


    You will receive tailored investment proposals along with our experts’ analysis.


    If you accept our proposal, you can start placing purchase and sale orders straight away.


    Our expert team will continually keep track of your portfolio, which you can also monitor through your Merkaat account.

How our team of experts works


We offer the best funds in selected geographies using an open architecture approach, based on the funds’ long-term performance, their investment team and their management strategy.


We will provide you with a tailored portfolio along with an explanation of the portfolio and its various assets. Our goal is to help you make your investment decisions.


We will adjust your portfolio based on the overall market conditions and your investment profile.


We will review the performance of your portfolio to ensure your objectives are met in terms of returns.


  • Your investment in


    25.000€ - 100.000€


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  • Your investment in


    100.000€ - 300.000€


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  • Your investment in


    300.000€ - 600.000€


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  • Your investment in


    600.000€ - 1.000.000€


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  • Your investment in


    More than 1.000.000€


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  • 25.000€ - 100.000€


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  • 100.000€ - 300.000€


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  • 300.000€ - 600.000€


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  • 600.000€ - 1.000.000€


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  • More than 1.000.000€


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  1. What is Merkaat?

    Merlaat is a personalised, online investment advice service. We will assess your investment profile and our team of experts specialising in high-quality investment products will provide you with tailored recommendations for the purchase and sale of assets. This means that you will always have an up-to-date investment portfolio that suits your profile.

    Both your profile assessment and the purchase or sale of assets can be completed online immediately upon receiving an investment proposal. The aim of Merkaat is to give you the peace of mind of knowing that wherever you are, your investment portfolio is being monitored continually by our team of experts.

  2. What is an investment profile? Why do I need to determine my profile?

    Every investment profile has a series of characteristics that define you as an investor. These features largely determine your tolerance to risk, your investment time horizon and your expectations in terms of returns. It is important for us to establish what your investment profile is, in order to determine the type of investment product that is best suited to you at any given time.

  3. What steps do I need to follow to sign up for this service?

    To sign up for this service, you’ll need to log in to our online banking platform, e-Crèdit. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll need to complete an online test to determine your investment profile. Once your profile is established, you can register for the service immediately and pay funds into your account to receive your first investment proposal.

  4. How will I receive online advice to build an optimal portfolio?

    You’ll receive advice from our team of experts, who will send you a notification when their investment proposals are available for you to view online. Once you’ve viewed a proposal and if you agree with it, you’ll be able to complete the proposed transactions instantly.

  5. Is there a minimum investment amount?

    Yes, the minimum investment amount is 25,000 euros.

  6. What is the cost of this service?

    The more you invest, the fewer fees you pay. We charge an annual rate which is based on the total value of your portfolio. Our rate starts from 0.5% + IGI (General Indirect Tax) and can be reduced to 0.30% + IGI. It includes professional advice, notifications, portfolio statements, and multichannel support. On the other hand, the costs related to purchasing and selling operations will be calculated according to account conditions.

  7. Do I have to be an existing Crèdit Andorrà customer?

    In order to sign up for Merkaat, you need to hold an account with Crèdit Andorrà S.A. and be registered in our e-Crèdit online banking service.

  8. Can I receive online advice for an existing account?

    When you sign up for Merkaat, a new account dedicated solely for online advice will be created automatically.

  9. Where will my money be invested? What is the investment philosophy?

    Merkaat offers investment proposals for funds that have been reviewed and selected by our team of investment experts. The funds are selected according to specific and objective criteria to ensure that your money is invested in high-quality assets. These criteria include the fund manager’s characteristics, their working methods, the industries in which the fund is invested, and the returns provided over time.

  10. How do you calculate the returns shown on the charts?

    Past performance data are extrapolated from major equity indices for every type of asset and are then weighted for each of the five investment profiles. Please note that past returns may not be indicative of future returns.

  11. How can I withdraw my money?

    You can make a withdrawal and subsequent cash transfer at any time by following a few simple online steps. The average time to have access to your funds is 3 working days, as you’ll need to first accept the investment proposal and then place the relevant sale orders. No penalties or additional fees are charged on withdrawals.

  12. How can I cancel the service? Do you charge any penalties?

    You can cancel the service at any time via our online platform. We won’t charge any penalties.

  13. How will having an online investment adviser help me?

    Our team of experts will select the best funds for you by seeking the best market opportunities at any given time. In addition, we’ll monitor your investment portfolio on a daily basis and issue proposals to ensure it continually meets your requirements. This process requires a significant investment of time and knowledge and involves a higher cost for every purchase/sale, as well as custodian fees.

  14. How can I compare Merkaat the digital advisory service with other available options?

    Your main options are to create your own portfolio (which requires a lot of time and involves fees) or to entrust your money to an independent asset manager (which may be riskier and less transparent). Merkaat aims to provide you with a unique and satisfactory experience and with the peace of mind that comes with being in expert hands.

  15. Is it safe?

    You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your investments are deposited on a Crèdit Andorrà account, with the guarantee and security that come from being an internationally recognised bank. We also have standardised procedures in place to ensure your assets are protected at all times. In addition, the Two Factor Authentication technology ensures that no one else will be able to access your online e-Crèdit account.

  16. Who can I talk to for more information?

    You can submit your queries: 

    • by email to 
    • by asking us to contact you by telephone on +376 88 82 92 
    • by contacting your Crèdit Andorrà account manager directly